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Got So High
Shrub has never been this high... OUT NOW!


Herbivore (Still Smokin')
Shrub, Bumpin Uglies, and Mellodose aren't just still smokin', they're on fire!
Herbivore Album Art Final.png
September 2023
Shrub and Dubmatix back together again.
Artboard 3.png
July 2023
Shrub's new remix of "Mountain", by The Movement (feat. Shrub & Clinton Fearon) is fire!
Always With Me Remix - Final.jpeg
June 2023
Shrub's new single,"Next To Me", is one of my favorites.
Shrub - Next To Me Cover.jpg
May 2023
"Jungle To The Zoo (feat. Copywrite) is the perfect blend of reggae and hip hop! Fire."
Shrub - Jungle To The Zoo - Cover.jpg
March 2023
"The Lime Tree by Shrub has completely redefined this Trevor Hall classic. We can't stop listening."
"Back To Earth stands
as a testament that
Shrub is indestructible."

Debuted at #3 on the iTunes Reggae Charts!

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Original founding members, Jay Shrub and Blaine Dillinger, have teamed up once again to bring us all... Back to Earth.

Also appears on...

Also appears on...

Inside of My Head Cover v3.0.jpg

ArtistSunburnt Sky

SongInside Of My Head

Album: Single / Drift On This

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